Store Allowance - Fund Camper Account

Fund your daughter's store account for the summer at any time of year! Just add the desired amount and the money will show up in your Camp In Touch store account that same day. Scroll down to see recommended amounts for each session. Please note that there is a 3% credit card fee that is deducted from the amount deposited. You may also mail a check to The Greystone Store with instructions below.

I agree to a non-refundable 3% bank fee to use my credit card. This fee will be debited from my daughter's personal allowance.

The price must be from $20.00 to $1,000.00

 What is Store Allowance | Personal Expense money?

This money covers any expenses your daughter might incur while at camp. The Greystone Store carries clothing, shoes, back packs, blankets, watches, water bottles, towels, raincoats, pajamas, batteries, toothpaste, stamps and other items she might need. The store also carries gift items, such as stuffed animals, jewelry, reading and coloring books, pens and Rest Hour activities.
Suggested amounts: Junior- $75, June- $150, Main- $175, August- $125 - this amount will cover offering, stamps and other small items needed.  However, if your camper is planning to buy clothing, backpacks, shoes or other higher priced items at camp, you will want to increase your deposit amount.

Other things to know:

We strongly encourage you to make more expensive and general merchandise purchases through the store website prior to camp unless your camper is planning to get these things during the session. A lot of items will sell out quickly, and we don't stock everything in the store that we have online. 

> To check your daughter's balance, click the 'View Store Allowance/Personal Expenses' link in your Greystone Account. Deposits are updated daily and real time spending can be viewed at any time.  You may add money through the store website during the camp session as needed.  

> Since there are so many options offered in the store, including non-essential items, please talk to your daughter about being fiscally responsible with her expense money. Due to the large number of shoppers, we cannot always monitor what a camper is spending.

> We do not allow campers to charge to accounts that have no money or past due balances. We also don't allow overspending unless approved by the parent. Please inform your daughter about our policies.

> A couple of weeks after the session closes, you will receive a statement for any refund or balance due.

> If you choose NOT to give your daughter any store allowance, please inform her she does not have any money for the session!

> We encourage you to pay online for better processing, however, if you prefer to mail a check please write your camper's name and session on the memo line and make it payable to: The Greystone Store, 21 Camp Greystone Ln, Zirconia, NC 28790

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