Baby Bogg Bag, 15" - Special Edition

For our older campers, these colorful bags are a perfect "shower bucket" for your toiletries while at camp! For Staff and Mom's we love this bag as a casual, sturdy tote that holds a computer and more!! Also great for nurses as an everyday bag - easy to sanitize and clean up!

The perfect size for a shower "bucket" at camp!!  The Baby Bogg Bag features everything you know and love about the Original Bogg Bag, but in a smaller size – think individual use vs. family use:  It's washable, durable, stylish, customizable, and perfect to store all of your toliteries at camp - or take to the lake or beach after camp! The tip-proof, ribbed bottom helps keep your Baby Bogg Bag upright and ready to use.  SIDE NOTE:  Croc's Jibbitz's look great on these bags

Each Baby Bogg Bag comes with one clear insert bag with 2 white buttons on the back that snaps into the holes, anywhere inside or outside the bag, to keep smaller items in reach. The small insert bag measures 5 inches high, 7 inches wide and is less than .25 inches deep when flat but can open up to accommodate approximately 1.5 inches.  Suggested uses for the small insert: smaller cell phone, change, credit/store cards, id, chapstick

The Baby Bogg Bag measures 15" x 13" x 5.25" weighs 3 pounds

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