Iota, the Great Big game in a Teeny-Weeny Tin! Have fun with up to 4 friends during free time at camp.

How to Play:

Shuffle all of the cards and deal out four cards to each player face down. The rest of the cards form the draw pile. Take the top card from the draw pile and place it into the center of the play area. This card will be used as the starting card for the game. The 'teeniest' player gets to start the game.

During a players’ turn they can either add cards to the play area or they can pass their turn.

A player can play one to all four of the cards from their hand. Cards can only be added to the play area under certain circumstances though. When playing cards to the play area all cards must either all match or all differ in the three different card properties (color, shape, number). For example a line can consist of all green cards or all of the cards have to be different colors. All of the cards can be a circle or they all have to be a different shape. All of the cards can be a two or all of the cards have to be a different number. No card may be played that breaks this rule.

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