Kyle Cavan Florentine Necklace - Cavan Gold™

Inspired by vintage coin necklaces and designed by Greystone's own Ellen-Anne Skelton, the Florentine Crest Necklace is our largest pendant in the series and can be worn layered or alone as a chic statement. The Jerusalem cross was often worn by Greystone's beloved Libby Miller. This piece is sure to bring back our cherished Greystone memories!

The 'Florentine finished' frame is created using an Italian technique that creates tiny cross-hatch engraved lines. It is  25MM or approximately the size of a quarter and sits on 22'' chain, adjustable to 20''.   We have chosen scripture verses from Greystone's pavilion to go on the back of all Kyle Cavan necklaces.   The Cavan Gold Florentine Necklace verse is "Stir up the gift of God, which is in thee" 2 Timothy 1:6.  Also available in 14k gold.

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