Moskinto Bite-Relief Mosquito Patch

This sliding pack of 24 patches are a handy thing to have at camp!
  • DON'T SCRATCH IT, PATCH IT : An easy to use bite-relief patch for mosquito bites! Drug-free and chemical-free! Moskinto starts to work instantly by relieving any itching and swelling from a bite. It is waterproof and lasts approximately 4-7 days.
  • HOW IT WORKS : Our technology lifts the outer layer of the skin gently to create a draining effect of the itchy substances left behind by mosquitoes.
  • ALL NATURAL : We stay away from harmful chemicals. Our patent-pending technology uses our own body for healing.
  • EASY TO USE & PORTABLE : Our patches come in a portable small container making them perfect for pockets and bags!
  • KID FRIENDLY : Bites aren't fun. Kids can learn to take care of their itches in an exciting way by putting on a colorful patch to seek relief!
Inside each package, you'll find our easy-to-use bite patch to apply where you itch most!- Resists wash off in pools, baths, or other activities in water. - Chemical free - Kid-friendly - Latex free

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