Shepherd's Gazebo/Summer Charm Necklace

Handmade by Greystone staffer, Jessi Correa.
Manufacturer: Jessi Correa

This original Greystone jewelry was handcrafted by our own year-round staffer, Jessi Correa!  Jessi has been in the office for 14 years now and has been creating all kinds of art as far back as she can remember.

This jewelry features a beloved Greystone icon, the Shepherd's Gazebo, since brought down by a heavy snow.  It was memorialized in watercolor pencils, ink and paint, then photocopied and set into a sterling silver bezel and sealed under a durable resin.  Look for your favorite scene: one for summer, one for fall, and one featuring another Greystone icon, the flagpole.

The necklaces were hung on either a textured oval link or delicate cable link sterling silver chain.  They are finished with a sterling lobster claw clasp, and all jewelry has been hand-engraved on the back with 'Greystone 100 years'.

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