Sticker Mosaics: Rainbows & Unicorns

Gallop into the incredible world of unicorns with a captivating form of art with over 1,842 stickers! Stickers are always a win at rest hour!

Sticker Mosaics: Rainbow Unicorns brings you into an enchanting realm of wonder and delight. Begin your stickering quest with any of 12 dazzling puzzles. Match the stickers to their numbered spots on each project page, and witness the transformation from a blank page into a stunning modern mosaic. Perforated pages make it simple for you to remove your mosaic for sharing or framing. Unleash a colorful work of art―from tranquil unicorns in open meadows to stallions among the stars―with each stickered page. Get lost among the mesmerizing pages of Sticker Mosaics: Rainbow Unicorns and enjoy the creativity of sticker art!

7 - 9 years old

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