Stress Less Word Search - Peaceful Puzzles

The search for calm is over and rest hour will be a true relaxing hour with this peaceful puzzle.

Stress Less Word Search Peaceful Puzzles will inspire you to find relaxation in 100 all-new word puzzles. Finding, circling, or highlighting words in any of the 100 brand-new word search puzzles helps to quiet anxious minds in a creative, relaxing, and therapeutic way. Featuring themes such as:

  • Mozart
  • Hummingbird
  • TV Night
  • Mountains
  • Stars
  • Have Some Champagne

Each stress-reducing page contains an all-new puzzle featuring an engaging theme, including the natural world, relaxing hobbies, and favorite literary characters. Soon, you'll be able to shift focus to a relaxing and fun activity as you concentrate on finding all the words to complete the puzzle. Whether you're new to word search puzzles or have been enjoying them for years, this book will help you find inner calm and creativity--one page at a time.

128 pages

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